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We have over 10 years of experience in the voiceover industry. We have worked with businesses of all sizes, industries, and backgrounds. From Fortune 500 to start ups, we have helped businesses worldwide with 5000+ voiceovers only from rigorously vetted native voice talents.

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    Voice experts located in all of the world's continents - apart from Antarctica and South America - to cover all of the world's best voices.

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    Native speaker voice talents who record your voice-over script using the appropriate tone, mood, and colloquialisms that best suit your target audience's culture and background.

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    Voice over types: corporate video, advertising, commercial, documentary, film, trailer, e-learning, cartoon, animation, technical courseware, multimedia programs, and so on.


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Voice-over is a form of scientific art. As voice artists, we understand the importance of finding the right voice to trigger your audience's emotions. As voice scientists, we rely on a stringent process to ensure the quality of our voice-overs.

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Go straight to our Voice Library by selecting the voice requirements for your project. Or listen to our 3000+ voice samples ,with some of them listed here below.

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    Chinese (Mandarin) Advertising Mu, 0313-4 Middle Aged(35-54) (Male)
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    English (USA) Narratives Scott, 0107-1 Young Adult(18-35) (Male)
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    Spanish Narratives María P, 1506-8 Young Adult(18-35) (Female)
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All businesses can benefit from quality voice-overs. However, there are some industries that need voice-overs more than others. While we can help you 99% of the times, here below you can find some of our specialties.

English (UK)
  • ıllıllı David J 0213-3
  • ıllıllı Jennie E 0224-8
  • ıllıllı Colin W 0227-1
  • ıllıllı Colin W 0227-2
  • ıllıllı David M 0219-4
  • ıllıllı Julien B 0701-4
  • ıllıllı Fabienne 0702-5
  • ıllıllı Julien B 0701-1
  • ıllıllı Julien B 0701-2
  • ıllıllı Julien B 0701-3