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At WorldGoodVoices, we believe that a sincere passion for voice-overs is essential for delivering the best sounding product. Discover what makes us special!

  • en-wgv 7x12h support
  • en-wgv 1000+ voice talents
  • en-wgv 10000+ voice samples
6 reasons to choose us

Find out why thousands of small and big businesses have already decided to cooperate with WorldGoodVoices for their projects' voice-overs

  • 1
    We have over 11 years of experience in the voice-over industry.
    We rely on an international team to best meet your language, voice, and sound expectations.
  • 2
    We have served countless Fortune 500 companies and start ups alike.
    As a voice talent himself, our founder knows perfectly well what it takes for recording quality voice-overs.
  • 3
    We partner with some of the most professional voice talents in the world.
    We support your project's success with 1000+ voice experts located in all time zones.
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