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who we are
WorldGoodVoices is the place where the world's most talented voices work together with experienced voice analysts to deliver quality voiceovers on time and budget.

We are a global team of voice enthusiasts who believe there is immense power in our voices.

Voiceover is not only what we do for a living, but it's our passion, too. We build bridges across cultures, one voice at a time.

With WorldGoodVoices, your project is in good hands.
our team

4 continents, 9 voice studios, 781+ voice experts, 1000+ vetted voiceover talents.

You need voiceovers in the right language to make your audience realize the power of your message. Our international team is ready to communicate the value of your content in a way that boosts your audience's empathy, knowledge, and retention.

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why we do what we do

Languages reach a person's heart, mind, and soul.

When you communicate with your audience in a language they can understand, your message reaches their brains.

When you communicate in their mother tongue, you're talking directly to their hearts.

The project you're working on might be a new game, a series of educational content, your business's internal training materials, the enticing ad for your new campaign, or more.

Regardless of what you're looking to voice over, this project took time to prepare, optimize, and design.

Your efforts shouldn't be ruined by a voice that awkwardly enough doesn't meet your expectations - And maybe even sounds worse than its original version.

We want to provide you with voiceovers that exceed your standards and expectations.

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our story
en-wgv Brian Li, Our Founder

“What started out as a childhood's dream of becoming a translator ended up as the WorldGoodVoice team of today.

Back in the day, I realized there was a potential in my voice and a need for quality voice overs. I started to record my first voiceovers in my dining room, laying under a blanket to block out the surrounding noises from my recordings.

Back then, I still had a lot to learn, but I was confident in my dream. I wanted to use my voice to help the businesses around me reach their audience effectively and establish an emotional bond with their customers or employees.

Over 10 years later, WorldGoodVoices has grown to become a global team with hundreds of voice enthusiasts and over a thousand voice talents.

We all share the same vision of uniting the world's best voices to help you give the right voice to your project..”

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